Our Company's head office is in Newcastle NSW with branches in Adelaide SA, Melbourne VIC., Latrobe Valley VIC., Port Kembla NSW and Sydney NSW. From these offices, we are able to service all states and territories in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Dominion Industry in Australia is a highly experienced Refractory Engineering Company, with over 40 years of designing, supplying and installation of critical refractory systems to our valuable customers. From our specialisation in this unique field, we understand better than anyone the need to have a reliable asset in the form of a trusted refractory or acid proof lining that gives the end user the confidence to start-up and operate without issue.
We are the only core Refractory Installation Company in Australia and whilst this is our absolute speciality - through our highly skilled Project Management Team, we are if course readily able to engage and manage other sub-contractor groups such as rope access, scaffolders, welders, mechanical services etc., to suit any client requirement or package arrangement.

Dominion Industry has a vast amount of experience in the refractory and acid linings industries. We are capable of managing greenfields projects, plant refurbishments, shutdowns and ongoing maintenance programs, with a combined workforce of permanent and contract personnel exceeding 600, subject to the company's workload.
Dominion Industry work closely with our clients to ensure total satisfaction is delivered, and are able to manage the most diverse challenges posed by our industry. Drawing on our experience we develop unique infrastructure to maximise safety, quality and installation expectations.

Through our worldwide association of Dominion companies, Dominion Industry remains at the cutting edge of refractory technology, able to assist in the improvement of refractory lining performance while considering cost implications.
Globally we offer services in refractory design, engineering, procurement and installation to all major industries. With no formal alliances to any refractory manufacturer, we have unparalleled access to all material suppliers located both locally and overseas, and can offer an unbiased opinion on the suitability of refractory materials or design for particular applications.

Dominion Industry has a record second to none in the installation of acid resistant brick linings in high performance process vessels. These linings require first class workmanship and close cooperation with the linings designer, materials supplier and the plant owner to ensure operational satisfaction is achieved.

Dominion Industry actively represents our sister company Bierrum, who were established in the United Kingdom in the mid 1920's and are dedicated to the design and construction of chimneys, cooling towers, silos and other tall structures around the world.
Bierrum offers an inspection service which can include hot camera surveys, followed by the design and construction of refurbishment solutions.
Bierrum has developed a highly specialised chimney demolition system utilising a hydraulic impact breaker which eliminates the use of hand breakers. Demolition is from the top of the chimney with a safety system which includes both operator security and prevention of material falling inside the windshield.
Dominion Industry with Bierrum completed a major chimney repair for Energy Australia Yallourn facility, successfully removing and replacing approximately 35,000 bricks from the chimney internals and replacing approximately 200m2 of damaged external concrete windshield.

Dominion Industry is an accredited applicator of fire proofing systems which effectively restrict the effects of hydrocarbon fires on structures and vessels, steel and concrete. Application can be undertaken both onsite and offsite.

Dominion Industry can supply and install both alumina and basalt tile abrasion resistant systems suited to high wear areas in mineral and chemical processing plants.

Dominion Industry is a company focused on customers' satisfaction, our priority is to deliver the best quality, technology, management, safety and service.
Our Local Presence, coupled with the extensive International Support allows us to deliver leading edge technology to our Customers, in the most cost effective way.
Our dedicated management team offer 24hr support worldwide giving the customer global access for project co-ordination and execution services. We have detailed process management, meticulous engineering, modern installation technology and the highest quality standard. During all project phases we are committed to the efficiency and longevity of your installations.

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